Float Fishing Trips
Full Day 1-2 Anglers $425
Trout Floats - Watauga, South Holston and Tuckaseegee Rivers
Smallmouth Bass - French Broad, Pigeon, and Toe Rivers

Watauga River

The Watauga is one of my favorites.  It is just an hour drive from Asheville, and I normally float the quality section through Watauga, TN.  It is an incredibly diverse river both in setting and bug life.  One moment we are nymph fishing a slow section, the next fishing sulphur dry flies below a riffle, next casting beetles and ants under overhanging sycamores, and then nymph fishing deep whitewater runs.  That is just the start.  The Watauga is the river for you if you want to learn many different techniques.
South Holston River

The South Holston is famous for it's summertime sulphur hatches.  It can also be the most challenging and complex river in the country.  This float trip is for people who don't mind a challenge, and really want to cast to rising fish.
Tuckaseegee River

The Tuckaseegee is a great early and late season fishery.  It is a North Carolina Delayed Harvest stream and receives more fish than any other river in NC.  If you hit it right it can be some of the most productive nymph fishing available.

Smallmouth Bass Floats - French Broad, Pigeon, Toe, and Nolichucky

There is nothing like a river smallmouth.  They are aggressive and do everything they can to break your tackle.  I float all of the rivers above and choose them based on water flow and temperature.  They all have their good times.  After you feel a 2+ pound fish pull on a fly rod you will be hooked.  Be prepared to cast heavy flies frequently. 
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