Asheville Fly Fishing Lessons

Fly Fishing Lessons in Asheville, NC
Dates for 2019
11/10, 11/11, 11/23, 11/24

This class is designed for the beginning angler who wants to focus on developing skills to use on their own. In this class we will have you fish nymphs, dry dropper, and streamers for about an hour and a half each, and then is designed to have a free period at the end for you to work on which ever one you prefer. The class begins with a stream side entomology session and a discussion of the river structure/riffle and pool habitat complex. You must bring your own equipment, but we provide lunch and drinks. The cost of the fly fishing lesson is $150 and is non refundable. A sample itinerary can be found in the photo above. The classes take place on a trout river to be determined later based on conditions. Typically the rivers we use are: Davidson River, West Fork of the Pigeon, Green River, Laurel River, North Mills River. All are about 20-45 minutes from ORVIS Asheville. Please call with any questions. 828-222-5020

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